Fluorescent Tubes

Hygrade “ENV” Fluorescent Lamps



High Performance and Efficiency

TCLP* Compliant for Low-Mercury

Meets RoHS** Standards for Lead-Free Products

Products for a more sustainable “ENV”ironment

High Performance T5 and T5 HO

T5 linear lamps are the latest tri-phosphor lamps to take center stage. Their slim 5/8-

inch diameter and smaller ballasts give product designers a fresh concept for approaching

energy efficient lighting. Available in the standard version, wattages are 14, 21, 28, and 35 and in

the high output series they come 24, 39, and 54. The standard and high output T5 lamps maintain

more than 95% of their light output at 40% of their rated life. Their improved phosphor coating

reduces mercury absorption ensuring a long, high performance life.

T8 Instant Start/Rapid Start lamps for Electronic Ballasts

The T8 technology is commonly used to replace standard T12 lamps in new construction and

energy retrofits, creating superior lumen per watt efficiencies and exceptional lumen maintenance.

Available in 700 and 800 series and color temperatures from 3000K to 6500K, the product

line gives specifiers and designers the flexibility to use the right lamp in almost any energy

saving application.

28 Watt Energy Saver T8 Lamps

The Energy Saver T8 fluorescent lamps give 18% more energy savings than a standard

T12 and 12% more than standard T8’s. At 91 lumens per watt, the 28 watt T8 lamp is 25% more

efficient than the T12 and at 24,000 hours, also provides up to 17% more lamp life. These lamps

have a lumen maintenance of 94% and a CRI rating of 85; they offer the superior color rendition

that is required for most specified applications.

High Performance T8

This high lumen energy saving version of the T8 line of fluorescent lamps offers 92 lumens

per watt, making it one of the most efficient fluorescent lamps on the market. It’s 92% lumen

maintenance means it retains a high level of performance throughout life of the lamp. The specs

include 24,000 hour lamp life and CRI level of 85 which qualifies it for most utility programs where

minimum standards need to be met in order to receive rebates and incentives. Please check with

your local utility for their requirements.

* TCLP = Toxicity Chraracteristic Leaching Procedure

** RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances


Based on 3 hours per start When used commercially (12 hours per start) life increases to 30,000 hours

Bulb Shapes and Bases

Fluorescent Notes

Due to the fragile nature of fluorescent tubes, some items can only be shipped in

full cases. Please call costumer service to inquire about additional charges and

other shipping requirements. ENV fluorescent lamps are designed

to pass the Federal Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) criteria for

classification as non-hazardous waste in most states. TCLP test results are available

upon request. Lamp disposal regulations may vary, check your local and state

regulations. For more information, please visit www.lamprecycle.org.

Shatter Proof

Shatter proof lamps are designed for any application where lamps are at

risk of being broken. The rubber coating will contain the glass particles and

phosphors should the lamp break, keeping it from falling into food, or elsewhere.

Many jurisdictions now require the use of coated lamps in all food preparation and

service areas. This coating also has the added benefit of blocking all UV emissions

from 100 to 380 nanometers, common to fluorescent technology. Please inquire with

customer service for shatter proof lamps.



Visit www.lamprecycle.org for disposal information

for your state or local government.



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