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Commercial Service Incandescent Lamps

 Long Life

Vibration Resistant


The life of an incandescent lamp and its lumen output are both determined by the filament design. These characteristics represent a give and  take relationship; one must be sacrificed to improve the other. There are many choices available to the consumer, each one marketed for a particular purpose or feature. The products on the following pages are designed for their durability for commercial applications and long life for lower replacement costs.

C-9 filament construction is used to create additional supports, which allows the coil to burn cooler and longer and enables the lamp to absorb vibration. The design also incorporates 130 volts to withstand voltage surges, reduces the wattage used, and more than doubles the life. Because the lamps last for such a long time, brass bases are used to avoid freezing in the socket, a common problem of standard incandescent lamps.

Long life incandescent lamps continue to be the contractor’s product of choice for applications that require dimming and durable lamps.


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